Arezzo Group

Strategic Partnership between Ecritel Do Brazil & Grupo Arezzo: Sales Records and Brazilian E-commerce Award

Ecritel, a French multinational with over 20 years experience in the market, specialized in hosting in the e-commerce sector, has been a partner of Arezzo using the Hybris solution to optimize the architecture of sites and improve web performance.

As a result, the Company now offers navigation, speed, and search results that are 20% better than before to its site visitors, allowing for a more pleasant experience for making their purchases, and resulting in increased sales. There was growth of 10% in the number of visits and an increase in the average site navigation time.

“The partnership between Ecritel and the Arezzo Group is one of the most strategic partnerships for our e-commerce activities. As a result, we have achieved numerous sales records and significant technological innovation.”
Maurício Bastos, E-commerce Manager, the Arezzo Group

Mauricio Bastos confirms the importance of this partnership. "This partnership is one of the most strategic partnerships for our e-commerce activities. As a result, we have achieved numerous sales records and significant technological innovation. The relationship of professionals in Arezzo with Ecritel helps create a loyal platform that brings increasingly positive results for Brazilian e-commerce”.

After deciding to undergo a makeover in the digital area in 2014, the company chose the Hybris SAP platform to carry out the integrated management of technology and business, providing more autonomy while at the same time increasing involvement and responsibility with regard to strategic decisions.

With the implementation of the new platform, the Group noticed a greater consistency with applications, including infrastructure stability, and better loading times for the site. “Performance is something fundamental within the e-commerce conversion strategy, and in this sense, we achieved gains of 30% in comparison with our old site”, said Bastos.

Ecritel, a Hybris partner
Ecritel is a French multinational with over 20 years experience in the market, specializing in the e-commerce hosting sector, with a wide range of infrastructure located across 4 continents. The company hosts Hybris in its 8 data centres around the world.

“Ecritel was a strategic partnership in Arezzo’s project, the first operating project hosted in Brazil”.
Stephan Samouilhan, Vice President of Keyrus Brasil.

In order to make a project a success, Hybris recommends two partners with expertise in its software in Europe and in Asia; the integrator Keyrus and Ecritel for hosting.

Stephan Samouilhan, Vice President of Keyrus Brasil, declares that the partnership with Ecritel was strategic in the Arezzo project, the first operational hosting project in Brazil.

While the Hybris platform is Ecritel’s flagship product, the company also specializes in other environments, such as Magento and Prestashop.

The Brazilian E-Commerce Award was Given to the Hybris Platform

In 2015, Schutz won the “Brazilian E-Commerce Award”, the most important award in Latin America in the category of Innovation and Technology between large clothing, household appliance, and shoe companies in the industry.

“...Hybris is currently considered the best engagement platform for online commerce in the world...”
Maurício Bastos, E-commerce Manager at the Arezzo Group

Maurício Bastos stated that winning this award is closely connected to the decision to use Hybris, “Schutz was a pioneer in the implementation of the Hybris platform in Brazil, currently considered the best engagement and e-commerce platform in the world. This market recognition reinforces the correctness of our choice for this technology that is today used by the largest and best retailers in the world. It relates to an extremely strategic platform, which allows us to operate multiple businesses in a simple and flexible manner, apart from making it easier for us to grow on a global scale”.

The Hybris platform was launched with the purpose of interconnecting channels in a way that is transparent for the consumer who has the access to the same information about products and purchase experience regardless of the environment (physical, online, or mobile).

The Arezzo Group

Arezzo&Co was founded in 1972, and is a leader in the footwear, handbag, and feminine accessory market in Brazil. The Group has five brands:: Arezzo, Schutz, Anacapri, Alexandre Birman and Fiever.

The company markets more than 10 million pairs of shoes per year, as well as bags and accessories.

Services provided by Ecritel to the Arezzo Group:

  • Managed Hosting
  • CDN Service Delivery (Constant Delivery Network)
  • Provision of Services associated with Support and Maintenance