Strategic partnership between Ecritel and the Hering Company: Success on Black Friday of 2015

A Ecritel was one of the partners of the Hering Company in the Hybris solution for optimizing the architecture of sites and improving web performance, resolving long-standing difficulties that the company confronted and transforming Black Friday into an absolute success.

As a result of this partnership, the company’s sites achieved scalability and did not go offline, products images and prices remained updated, sites remained secure against attacks, and there was no loss of transactional e-mails.

“We must emphasize and highlight the performance of Ecritel in the entire process of migration of our E-commerce platform. Ecritel monitors the performance of our sites to ensure the absolute best experience for our users”.
Sandro Bertotti, Retail Systems Manager for the Hering Company

Before adopting the Hybris platform, the Hering Company faced serious problems with integration, costly catalogue management, and significant performance issues. In order to resolve these difficulties, the Company adopted the Hybris platform to handle the integrated management of the technology and the business, providing more autonomy while at the same time increasing involvement and responsibility with regard to strategic decisions.

With the implementation of the new platform, we noticed a greater consistency with applications, including infrastructure stability, better loading times for the site, and a better purchasing experience. The Hybris solution consolidates data, channels, and operations, and enables the simplification of multiple channels and an increase in competitiveness.

The Challenges of Black Friday

On Black Friday, there is high demand, the number of customers increases exponentially, and it is essential to structure the e-commerce not only for the buying process, but also for the overall dynamics of delivery and any product exchanges.

It’s a fantastic opportunity for e-commerce businesses to sell, but it is still a challenge for IT teams in larger companies, due to the fact that just a single minute of the site going offline can translate into millions lost in unperformed sales. The company absolutely must be well prepared for the event, because otherwise it could lead to a poor experience for the consumer and reflect negatively on their relationship with the brand.

In 2015, the event reached its highest levels of activity since its arrival on the Brazilian market, and came to a total amount of R$ 1.6 billion in online sales, according to E-bit/Buscapé. 1.64 million make at least one purchase in online stores on the date.

Black Friday 2015: A Success for the Company

During Block Friday, the Company received a large volume of traffic, and with the services provided by Ecritel, the site never went offline and page load times remained low, since servers were added to provide support for peak traffic, and monitoring occurred in real time.

Any potential problems were monitored and corrected by Ecritel engineers, who kept watch on the site and refreshed caches in real time. For the event, the Hering Company sites were protected against any possible attacks, and it was ensured that nothing took it offline and that the costumer enjoyed the absolute best purchasing experience possible.

We helped the Hering Company during peak sales on Black Friday, monitoring its infrastructure application in real time to ensure that the event was a success."
Alexandre Salmon, Manager of Ecritel Brasil

The Hering Company

The Hering Company has reinvented constantly throughout its history of over 135 years. It currently holds the following brings: Hering, Hering for you, Hering Kids, PUC and DZARM. With Gross Revenue of R$ 607.9 million and a Net Income of R$ 83.1 million in the fourth quarter of 2015, the brand stands out for its wide acceptance across all social classes and age groups, and is recognized by more than 90% of Brazilians.

Services provided by Ecritel for the Hering Company:

  • Managed Hosting
  • CDN Service Delivery (Constant Delivery Network)
  • Provision of Services associated with Support and Maintenance

While the Hybris platform is Ecritel’s flagship product, the company also specializes in other environments, such as Magento and Prestashop.