We recruit talented graduates for their mastery of recent technologies and for their potential, just as we recruit existing profiles confirmed for their experience and the enhanced value they bring us.

The EAE Group also signed in 2009 the Employment Agreement for seniors. This plan undertakes to encourage the continued employment and recruitment of older employees.


We believe in our staff, and their pool of knowledge represents the wealth of our structure. We encourage them to improve and develop their skills permanently, by favouring life-long education.

This enables them to widen their perimeter of intervention which they use and put into practice for the benefit of our company.

Mobilidade Interna

Propomos iniciativas individuais e know how para dar oportunidade a todos os nossos funcionários. Nós desenvolvemos a lealdade pessoal, dando-lhes pontes e encorajando-os com mobilidade interna em nível hierárquico, interdisciplinar e internacional.


In our teams and at all levels, diversity of origins, whether based on nationalities, or ethnic, social or cultural origins, is respected and regarded as an asset for the company.


Disabled people are employed in various departments of the Group. The principle of equal opportunity - training and professional development - applies to all our employees according to the objective criteria of professional abilities and skills.