Excellence is our performance lever. Over the course of time, it has become integrated into the heritage and culture of our company to become inseparable from it today. Our staff members, whether they are operational or managers, all have a common denominator: they want to be the best to give the best to our clients.


We like competence and excellence, but we appreciate them and thank them more if they are accompanied by humility. In a demonstration context, we think that restricted attention is detrimental to open-mindedness, so humility enables us to think things over to go forward even better and even further.

Team work

We develop and encourage the team spirit: we develop dialogue and sharing because we capitalize on the power of the Group. We appreciate the value added by each one of us, and the synergies of the community and the mutual aid of efforts to go in the same direction.


We attach great importance to respect shown to our colleagues. We encourage mutual respect to guarantee working conditions which favour individual and collective wellbeing. Retour ligne automatique Respect also means recognition of one’s colleagues and the hierarchy. So we take care to transmit this not insignificant aspect of life at work to all our teams.