Multi-Vendor Content Acceleration

Choose the hardware that works for you

Work with our world-class engineers to size and deploy your solution in our Ecritel Cloud Center Managed Hosting Platform.

We offer a variety of options from; CPU speed and RAM, to bandwidth and backup strategies, to storage and management options, physical, virtual, or whatever you may need. We will create a solution to meet your requirements. Contact us to learn more.

Hosting your Architecture

Have you already acquired your hardware platform and you would like us to host it?
e gostaria que nós a hospedássemos?

We will work with you to define your space, power and bandwidth requirements to ensure optimal performance for your servers. Ecritel’s Cloud Center is extremely flexible and accommodating.

Architecture Migration

Bring your systems into our Ecritel Cloud Center

We can perform the migration of your systems into our Ecritel Cloud Center (e2c).
Leveraging 20 years of experience in the Cloud, Ecritel’s world-class engineers will work with you to develop the procedures required to successfully migrate your systems onto Ecritel’s Cloud Center.
They will guide you every step of the way to ensure a seamless transition.

Ideal for...

High traffic websites

Highly-Transactional eCommerce websites High-Availability and Fault-Tolerant Solutions


Data-intensive applications Applications with unique security requirements

Extranet or intranet

Applications requiring a robust and reliable architecture

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